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[原创]老布什:擅长外交的美国总统 | 双语阅读

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It was entirely logical that George H.W. Bush, who has died at the age of 94, would become president of the US, the 41st in its history. Born into privilege, the son of a pillar of Wall Street who had gone on to serve in the Senate, he enjoyed the patronage of the most powerful Republicans in the land across two generations, acquiring in the process a curriculum vitae in government more complete than any who have sought the highest office. As 1989 dawned, with an easy election victory behind him, Ronald Reagan’s vice-president appeared ready for the White House


① pillar ['pɪlə(r)] n. 支柱;柱子 v. 用柱子装饰;成为…的栋梁

例句:He was a pillar of the club for over thirty years.



② patronage ['pætrənɪdʒ] n. 赞助;惠顾;光顾;资助

例句:The restaurant has a large patronage.



③ vitae ['wi:taɪ] n. 个人简历; 生活; 生命(vita的复数); curriculum vitae n. 简历,个人履历

I am enclosing my curriculum vitae together with my photograph.



George Herbert Walker Bush was born on June 12 1924 in Milton, Massachusetts, and grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut. His father Prescott was a partner in Brown Brothers Harriman and his mother came from the family that lent its name to golf’s Walker Cup and bought the house in Kennebunkport, Maine, that was to become the summer White House. Their son was educated at the blue-chip Phillips Academy and Yale, where he earned an economics degree and played first base on the baseball team.

1924年6月12日,乔治•赫伯特•沃克•布什生于马萨诸塞州的米尔顿(Milton),在康涅狄格州的格林尼治长大。他父亲普雷斯科特(Prescott)曾是布朗兄弟哈里曼银行(Brown Brothers Harriman)的合伙人,他母亲来自沃克(Walker)家族,高尔夫球沃克杯(Walker Cup)就是以这个家族的姓氏命名的,沃克家族还买下了位于缅因州肯纳邦克波特(Kennebunkport)的一所庄园,这所庄园后来将成为“夏季白宫”。老布什曾就读于名校菲利普斯学院(Phillips Academy)和耶鲁大学(Yale),在耶鲁,他获得了经济学学士学位,还是棒球队的一垒手。

Before university, in mid-1943, he enlisted in the Navy, where he became, briefly, its youngest pilot. In September 1944, his bomber was shot down in the Pacific and was rescued from the ocean. He married the former Barbara Pierce in January 1945, and they had five children.

1943年年中,在上大学之前,他参加了海军,在短暂的一段时间里曾是海军最年轻的飞行员。1944年9月,他驾驶的轰炸机在太平洋上空被击落,搜救人员从海上把他救了起来。1945年1月,20岁的老布什与芭芭拉•皮尔斯(Barbara Pierce,婚后改随夫姓)结婚,两人育有5个子女。


She was to prove a formidable defender not only of her husband but also of the Bush family name. Underneath the prematurely white angelic halo of hair beat the heart of a street fighter and, as parents, the couple had the satisfaction of seeing their eldest son, George W. Bush, ascend to the presidency, thus prolonging a modern American political dynasty. With some pride, father and son were given the nicknames, “41” and “43”.

以后人们会发现,芭芭拉是个令人敬畏的卫士,不仅维护自己的丈夫,还捍卫布什这个姓氏。一头过早变白的头发为她笼罩上一轮天使般的光环,然而在这光环之下,她的身体里跳动着一颗街头斗士的心脏。作为父母,这对夫妻还自豪地看到他们的长子乔治•W•布什(George W Bush)当选总统,延续了这个现代美国政治家族的荣耀。父子俩人分别荣获“41”和“43”的绰号。

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This proximity to the seat of power was not without its disappointments. He was twice passed over for the vice-presidential nomination, by Nixon in 1972 and Gerald Ford in 1976. But in 1980 he determined to run for the White House on his own account and won the first Republican caucuses in Iowa.

虽然一直接近权力的核心,但老布什的从政道路并非没有遭遇过挫折。他曾两次与副总统候选人提名失之交臂,第一次是1972年,那次的总统候选人是尼克松,第二次是1976年,总统候选人是杰拉尔德•福特(Gerald Ford)。但在1980年,他决心自己竞选总统,并在爱荷华州举行的首次共和党党团会议中胜出。

He came to office promising a “kinder, gentler” America, yet his heart was always far more in foreign policy than domestic affairs, as was that of Mr Baker, whom he installed as secretary of state. An inveterate letter writer, he assembled a formidable array of personal contacts around the globe that was to prove helpful during his presidency.


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But the defining passage of his presidency appeared to have come in the seven months after Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990. Whatever his initial reservations, Bush methodically went about assembling a large multinational force, bolstered by UN resolutions, to evict Saddam Hussein. His “coalition of the willing”, encompassing moderate Arab states, the UK, France and Europe’s other military powers, and including hefty financial contributions from Japan, was a formidable diplomatic achievement, one his son failed to pull off 12 years later. He also stayed Israel’s hand, again no easy task as Iraqi missiles rained down on the Jewish nation.


④ methodically [mə'θɒdɪklɪ] adv. 有条不紊;有系统地

例句:She methodically put the things into her suitcase.


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Far less foreseeable, until deep into the 1992 campaign, was that he would be unceremoniously booted out after one term, and less than two years after he had directed such a great American-led military victory in the Gulf war that heavyweight Democrats all balked at daring to challenge him.


⑤ unceremoniously [ˌʌnˌserə'məʊniəsli] adv. 粗野地;粗暴无礼地

例句:She was unceremoniously dumped to be replaced by a leader who could win the election.


Whatever the precise, and many, reasons for his defeat, George Bush was perceived as a man strangely out of touch not with the world but with his own country; and he left the White House with a record of achievement – foreign policy excepted – scant by the standards even of one-term presidents.


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It was an ignominious end to a political career worthy of note and marked by many acts of grace and kindness. These were evident in his retirement. Forming a surprisingly close relationship with Mr Clinton, he took on relief efforts around the world, in Haiti and after the Asian tsunami. But his greatest satisfaction surely came when his eldest son won the presidency in 2000.


⑥ ignominious [.ɪɡnə'mɪniəs] adj.耻辱的;可耻的;不光彩的

例句:He made one mistake and his career came to an ignominious end.


This was not entirely anticipated inside the Bush family, which thought another son, Jeb, the governor of Florida, was the most promising politician, but the patriarch nevertheless took pride in W’s rise. Over the next eight years, there were occasional indirect hints, notably from Brent Scowcroft, his former national security adviser, that the father did not entirely approve of his son’s unilateralist foreign policy, most obviously over the war in Iraq, which appeared so much the antithesis of his own collaborative approach. But they never came from his own lips.


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He was, after all, a Yankee blue-blood gentleman, whatever his adopted Texas clothing – and that, perhaps, was his greatest flaw at the national level. He wanted most of all to be president, almost as an entitlement, but when he did inherit the White House he discovered that the country wished for something more than that, in which he was found wanting.



booted out 


例句:He was booted out of the company for wearing boots to work.



take pride in 


例句:His supervisor took pride in him for his academic attainments .



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